Support for the large scale uptake of open service platforms in the Active and Healthy Ageing domain

Topic identifier: SC1-HCC-02-2019

In the past years several open service platforms for Active and Healthy Ageing domains have been developed, originating from the medical, independent living, and IoT domain. These platforms aim at building a common basis for application development, assuring interoperability at the application and service level, and reducing development cost by re-use of components. As these platforms mature more insight is needed in the way they contribute to the development of a scalable and open market for digital solutions for health and ageing, and which value is actually achieved through them. The integration of platforms between different domains will introduce new interoperability issues that need to be tackled. A coordination and support action that addresses these issues and gathers the insight referred above is needed in order to promote the effective uptake and impact of open platforms. The deadline for submmitting proposals is 24 April 2019.

Proposals should deliver an inventory of the state of the art and analyse the use of open service platforms in the Active and Healthy Ageing domain, covering both open platforms - such as universAAL and FIWARE - and partly-open/proprietary platforms developed by industry. In addition, proposals should address interactions between platforms.

Proposal should present appropriate indicators to measure their progress and impact in these areas:

  • Identification of the critical success factors of open platform development, deployment, and spread;
  • Increased knowledge on the differences and synergies between open platforms, with regard to both their features and their interoperability on different levels (data / information / applications / services);
  • Evidence for the socioeconomic benefit of open service platforms;
  • Engagement of required stakeholders to ensure the reliability of the data collected and to maximize the value of results achieved;
  • Increased levels of participation by service platform providers and platform users in networking and knowledge exchange events;
  • Contribution to the effective implementation of relevant policy initiatives in the field;
  • Enhanced synergies with other European projects to make joint progress on favourable framework conditions to scaling-up digital innovation for active and healthy ageing across the EU, including standardisation.

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