Large Scale pilots of personalised & outcome based integrated care

Topic identifier: SC1-DTH-11-2019

Senior people are statistically at greater risk of cognitive impairment, frailty and multiple chronic health conditions with consequences for their independence, their quality of life (and the one of their families) but also for the sustainability of health and social care systems. There is also increasing evidence that interactions with the environment play an important role in the evolution of the patient's health status and condition. The challenge is now to foster secure, scalable and robust digital solutions for integrated care which will:

  • Ensure a truly personalized delivery of health and social care, whilst supporting outcomes-based significant efficiency gains in health and care delivery.
  • Promote a shift towards outcome-based delivery of integrated (health and social) care, which can be realised in a realistic operational, organisational and financial setting.
  • Ensure trust of users and policy makers with regard to data access, protection and sharing.
  • Design flexible but replicable solutions with a potential for financial sustainability, large scale deployment and further business and job creation opportunities.

The deadline for submmitting proposals is 24 April 2019.

The scope of this topic is to foster the large-scale pilots for deployment of trusted and personalised digital solutions dealing with Integrated Care, with a view to supporting and extending healthy and independent living for older individuals who are facing permanently or temporarily reduced functionality and capabilities. This in turn is expected to contribute to a patient-centred and truly individualized strategy in order to develop trusted, robust and financially sustainable services potentially useable in any Member States and the Digital Single Market, and applicable to a very wide range of patient pathways. These approaches aim to enable people to remain independent as long as possible and prevent hospitalisation.

Proposals should provide measurable progress towards:

  • A common vision of technical prerequisites and framework to ensure users trust with regard to health and social data and information in IT supported environment, in line with existing EU data protection regulation (and if required with EU reflection on platforms).
  • An evidence-based minimum data set on key points of the pathway:
    • Clerical information: complete definition
    • Clinical information: generic definition.
  • Harmonisation, certification, approval labelling or reliable identification of adequate solutions for integrated care.
  • Robust and reliable and replicable business models for IT supported solutions in a truly personalized and multi-disciplinary environment.

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