Digital health and care services – support for strategy and (early) adoption

Topic identifier: SC1-HCC-04-2018

Health and care service providers and users are increasingly facing complex decisions when exploring and investing in new health and care solutions. There is a need to support cross-border cooperation in preparation of procurement of research and innovative digital solutions, including on how to balance innovation risks with improved outcomes. Further support is also needed for implementing high quality policies, strategies and practises in a concerted manner and providing more confidence in addressing key areas of interventions and related unmet needs, procedures and other measures. In addition there is a need to facilitate an appropriate dialogue with the supply side and academic stakeholders to understand the constraints and possibilities. The deadline for submmitting proposals is 24 April 2018.

Create favourable framework conditions for cross-border Communities of Practise (CoP) and create a network that will assist the health & care research and innovation ecosystems in taking investment decisions on future procurement of research and innovation and, eventually, on (large scale) deployment of eHealth systems and new care delivery models. The network should support existing ecosystems, create capacities, promote, co-ordinate, collaborate with other innovation accelerators and investors, and focus on adoption and scale of health innovation European wide. To facilitate sufficient knowledge brokerage all appropriate actors in the innovation chain and systems should be engaged.

The proposal should include parallel activities building up on the competences and capacities of the network including but not limited to:

1) Co-ordinate the development of a multi-collaborative growth policy & strategy of the European health & care procurers and other demand side actors in the quadruple helix systemic context.

2) Tailored assistance for procurers, regions, cities, national authorities and users to foster sustainable adoption.

3) The network should undertake activities that investigate the feasibility and facilitate the concrete preparation of a cross-border PCP for at least one shared common user and procurement need.

The proposal should provide appropriate indicators to measure its progress and specific impact in the following areas:

  • Concerted approach and solutions to the challenges faced by the health ecosystems as perceived by service providers and users in several countries. Increased opportunities for health and care services providers to address unmet needs. Reduced fragmentation of service providers’ demands.
  • Evidences of support and collaboration with consortia developing unmet needs for innovation procurement and implementation aspects beyond the innovation procurement procedures.
  • Concrete preparation of a cross-border PCP for at least one shared common procurement need.

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